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We develop people, organisations and networks to address the defining issues of our time.


We are a talent consultancy and incubator dedicated to social change.

Our work is founded on the belief that talent is the fundamental force of social change, that social impact should be at the heart of all work regardless of sector or role, and that collaborative action is the only way to address complex social issues.

Since 2009, we have combined these beliefs to become one of the UK’s leading people development providers for organisations with a social purpose. We are known for our consultancy work across the public and social sectors, our national ventures, which include 2027, Charityworks, and Change100, as well as our work at Impact Hub Islington/27 Dingley Place.

In addition to our programmes and our ongoing consultancy work with cause-driven organisations (the Mind Federation, Health Foundation, Crisis), we are currently working on a programme of civic leadership development work (Community Leadership Academy, Civic Futures) with partners including the Local Trust, the Greater London Authority, Young Foundation, Dark Matter Labs, and Northern Soul.


After 10 years of Koreo, the success of all our work continues to depend on our ability to create and hold spaces for people, organisations and networks to reflect on and develop their most powerful contribution in a rapidly changing world. Because of that, we are constantly learning what makes those spaces more meaningful, and how best to create and facilitate them. Over the last decade we’ve developed rich experience doing that with individuals and collectives of all shapes and sizes, but the context we and our partners are working in is constantly evolving, and as such our work does the same.

That evolution is constant but often happens in the background. In the context of everything that’s happening in our worlds in 2020, and as we explore the potential for collective renewal and recovery post COVID-19, this evolution can only be front and centre. So we’ve taken down our website, which was built for a different world, and we’re going into a more explicit beta mode to explore with each other and our friends what our collective contribution is and can become. You can follow that story on our Medium, where we’ll collect some of our thinking, work, and collaborations.

Get In Touch

Now more than ever, we believe talent will be at the heart of our ability to respond to the issues facing us. So if you’re interested in hosting a Charityworks trainee or 2027 associate, want to talk to us about Civic Futures, the Community Leadership Academy, our work at Impact Hub Islington, or want to have a conversation about something new, we’d love to hear from you.

We're available on, @HelloKoreo on Twitter, and if you’d like to sign up to RADAR, our occasional reading list for social change, please click here.

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